Putting Lessons to Work

Through some unfortunate circumstances, I got drafted into leading a software development team again. I don't like doing management type work. But I might as well do a good job while I am there. It is easier to lead when you have seen examples of good and bad leadership to learn from.

One thing I try to do it make sure I disseminate information to my team. It is no fun when you are a rank and file employee, but don't get important info from your boss. Some managers try to do this by holding regular meeting. I personally think meetings are evil and a big waste of time. So I just pass information along via e-mail. If we need a face to face, I keep the invite list small and do the meetings ad hoc.

Another thing I do is try to help developers when they get lost. I don't want to step in and do the work for them. But they frequently need guidance to make sure they do not get into trouble. And I try to take over the administrative tasks so developers can do what they do best. A developer needs access to some data? I fill out the paperwork and make all the calls to make it happen. Another developer needs some the ability to do a new task in our trouble ticket system? I submit a ticket to system administration on their behalf. I like it when a manager takes care of these things for me. I just do what I would want somebody in charge of me to do.

However not everyone is cut out for management and/or leadership. In fact, I do not think it is a good role for me. Yes I can get the job done effectively. But my self satisfaction is sacrificed. Time to see how I can get out of this role and back into development full time.