Keeping to Schedule

I continue with some more random thoughts related to keeping on schedule during a software development project. The best design is one that plans for future change. And know this, there will be change.

Here is a crime. Managers often think their best staff members are too valuable to simply write code. That's nonsense. Yeah you might have a guy that does a lot of design. But they will get stale if they do not have hands on practice.

Beware when developers fix bugs under duress. The result will be more new bugs. To prevent problems in the first place, you should do a test on your specification.

When you are marching towards a deadline, you will almost never be able to make up day by day slippage. So how can you keep on track? You need developers with hustle. That means they just don't try hard. They try harder than needed. I want people like that on my own team.